Panama Railroad

On the Panama Railroad

Images from the book:
Illustrated History of the Panama Railroad
by F.N. OTIS

On the Panama Railroad

Ancient Bridge at Old Panama

When Colon was Aspinwall

The Cabildo at Panama

Basaltic Cliff

Bohio Soldado

Bridge Across the River Chagres at Barbacoas

The Cathedral at Panama

Mount Hope

The First Shanty

Gatun Station

Mamei Station

Monument Hill - Matachin

Ruins of Church of San Domingo Panama

Native Bongo, Panama


Native Hut at Matachin

Paraiso Station

View from the Ramparts, Looking toward the site of the Ancient City

Ramparts on the Northeastern Beach of Panama

Southeatern Rampart

Stephen's Cottage

Terminus at Panama

Tower of San Jerome, at Old Panama

Stephen's tree

Western Suburb (Santa Ana) of Panama
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