Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road Steam Locomotives:

All images below courtesy: A.M. Bouche collection

Early two-in-one "Niles" Locomotive, designed for steep grades.(circa 1840-1850) with a second cylinder for the rack track.

Early Eng. "Colon" built by Portland Locomotive works
A left hand drive, saddle tank
Builder's Photo, from the Alex Saunders collection.

French Eng.: Canal de Panama #1
Photograph by Mon. Achard, from the Alex Saunders Collection

Hinkley Locomotive Co. Boston's : "Reclus", Canal de Panama #5
Built for the French Canal Co. Saddle Tank, sitting on a turntable.
Builder's photo. From the Alex Saunders Collection.

Eng. #30 at the Panama Yard (circa 1880)

Eng. #51 from the French era, south of Frijoles Station over the Frijoles River (1883)

Eng. #16, Bas Obispo Station from the South

Eng. "Lot" by Rogers on a Pontoon Bridge to river gravel pit, to get gravel for ballast (circa 1880)

Eng. #12, by Rogers, saddle tank, air brakes and air compressor

Eng. #1 "Ferd de Lesseps" built by Rogers for the French Canal Co. Saddle tank.(1885) Builders photo.

Eng. #540 Franco Belgian (1909) Converted by the ICC into a Shop Locomotive.

Eng. #543 Rebuilt Belgian Locomotive, Empire Shops, 1910

Eng. #101, Suburban type locomotive; this class was junked in 1915.

Old French Engine.

Belgian Eng. #103.

Ex ICC Eng. #802 now in Alaska.
Picture courtesy: Prakash Tendulkar

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