Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road Steam Locomotives:

All images below courtesy: A.M. Bouche collection

Eng. #651, in front of Balboa Station. Special train about to take FDR to Colon.

Eng. #652, (From a Post Card)

Eng. #654, San Pablo. View looking South from old French Diversion (February 19, 1912)

Eng. #655

Eng. #662, leaving Panama R.R. Station. June 9, 1930
Notice the motor cars driving on the left hand side of the street

Eng. #702

Eng. #703

Eng. #704, Alco Loco. North bound at Mount Hope.

Eng. #705

Eng. #803, Commemorative Trip, 100th Anniversary of completion of the Panama Railroad.
Colon Railroad station. (January 28, 1955)

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