Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road Steam Locomotives:

All images below courtesy: A.M. Bouche collection

The Panama Railroad Locomotive #299 was dedicated as a railroad memorial on January 28th, 1955 commemorating the first railroad crossing of the American continent 100 years ago on January 28th 1855. The memorial's location near the Balboa Heights station was selected by the public. Governor Seybold presided over the dedication ceremonies for Old 299.

Eng. #299, at Balboa RR Station.
Sand-blasted and Painted by Dennis Barnet and A.M. Bouche (standing) on top, (1973)
Picture courtesy: A.M. Bouche.

Another picture of the 299 at Balboa RR Station.
Picture courtesy: Joe Duvall

Parts Layout Diagram of the 299
Picture courtesy: Joe Duvall

The 299 at Paterson Museum, New Jersey.
Picture courtesy: Wes Barris

Historical Data Sheet of #299
Courtesy: Dorn Thomas

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