Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road
The Gasoline powered Trains and Motor Cars:

All pictures courtesy: A.M. Bouche

The Panama Railroad, "Yellow Peril": Motor Car of Chief Engineer Panama Canal

The Panama Railroad Gasoline powered train 6 and 6A, run as an extra between passenger trains, capacity 100 passengers.

The Panama Railroad 6 and 6A at Colon Station. July 1943.

The Panama Railroad 6 and 6A April 1947.

The Panama Railroad 6 and 6A. Farewell luncheon for Colonel Lerooy A. Kane at Hotel Washington, Colon. January 31,1947.

Motor Car No. 1 Taking oil in front of Garage, Balboa, 1918.

Motor Car No. 8 at Summit.
Built by Gorgona Shops Cost: $3913.

Motor Car Garage, Balboa, 1915.

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