Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road

All pictures above courtesy: Bill McLaughlin

All pictures below courtesy: Vicente Alberto Pascual

Panama Railroad Station, Panama

New Panama Railroad Station, Panama

Railroad Station at Gatun

Railroad Station at Las Cascadas

Railroad Station at Gatun

Pacific Entrance of the Canal, also showing Train Yard at La Boca

PRR bridge at Barbacoas

Shipping at Colon

Fifth Street and PRR Station, Colon

Colon, Showing PRR Station

PRR Station at Colon

PRR Station at Cristobal

Pile drivers constructing new railroad track, Panama

Train on the road to Panama

Railroad Avenue, Empire

On the Panama Railroad

Freight House, Colon

Railroad Station at Panama City

Railroad Station at Tabernilla, Canal Zone, Panama

Railroad Station at Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone, Panama

Railroad Station at Culebra, Canal Zone, Panama

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