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This is not the official website of the Panama Railroad or of the Panama Canal Railway Company.

The opinions expressed in the articles are strictly those of the authors of the respective aritcles/news items, and in no way express the opinion of the webmaster.

The articles about the History of Panama and the History of the Panama Railroad were compiled from various sources, among these, the major sources were:

Old Panama and Castilla del Oro: by C.L.G. Anderson

The History of the Panama Railroad: by Fessenden Nott Otis

The Panama Gateway: by Joseph Bucklin Bishop, 1847-1928.

The Path Between the Seas: by David McCullough

The Land Divided the World United: by Paul Rink

Rails Across Panama: by Joseph Schott

Picturesque Panama: by Jean Heald

The Panama Route: by John Haskell Kemble

Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose: by Willis R Abbott

Panama Patchwork: by James Stanley Gilbert

Other articles have their credits mentioned individually.



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