Panama Railroad

Amazing Facts:

Did you know :


That at $295 a share, the Panama Railroad was at one time the highest-priced stock on the New York Stock Exchange?



That the PRR was the most expensive (per mile) railroad ever built?
It cost 8 million dollars and took 5 years to build.



That in 1913 the Panama Railroad hauled 2,916,657 passengers and transported 2,026,852 tons of freight across the Isthmus; at this time it was reported to have the heaviest per-mile traffic of any railroad in the world.


           That at US$25.00 in gold, for 47 and a half miles,
the PRR was the most expensive railroad (per mile) to travel?



That more than 12000 people died in the construction of the Panama Railroad?



That forty-seven and a half miles of railroad had required 170 bridges and culverts of 15 feet or more, and 134 bridges and culverts of less than 15 feet?



  That disposing of the dead was becoming such a problem, 
that the Railroad started "pickling" the bodies in barrels
and selling them to medical schools?
The proceeds  were then used to build a hospital for the Railroad.



That during the first 12 years of its operations, the Panama Railroad carried over $750,000,000 in gold dust, nuggets, and gold and silver coin--and collected a quarter of one percent on each shipment.


That even though built by American Engineers, the Panama Railroad used a non-standard guage of five feet, and is unchanged till today?



That the Panama Railroad used "hollow" rails?



That the Panama Canal would have been impossible to build without the Panama Railroad?



That the Panama Railroad was instrumental in bringing about the independence of the Republic of Panama?



That the PRR gave birth to the city of Aspinwall (now called Colón)?




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