Panama Railroad

Panama Rail Road Steam Locomotives:

All images below courtesy: A.M. Bouche collection

Eng. #202, built by Cook Works, near Mount Hope Yard Office around 1930
This Engine would mostly run on the Fort Randolph branch line.
Phil Sears with engineer's cap.

Eng. #205, a Builder's Photo.

Eng. #225, with Lidgerwood steam line on right hand side. around 1910.

Eng. #264, Corozal Dump, (August 31,1907)
Steam pipe coming out of bottom of whistle to run the Lidgerwood spreader.

Eng. #268, with a lidgerwood unloader in front.

Eng. #286, General J.J. Morrow, west side of Gatun Dam

Eng. #286, working in the Slide East Bank, March 1911

Eng. #301, A Baldwin. A wreck train, does not have aux. steam line to work the Lidgerwood system.

Eng. #311. There were a total of 40 300-class Baldwins, from 301-341
Going through high water in the rainy season.

Eng. #510, Trestle Dump across the Chagres River. (January 28,1911)

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